Help, you couldn't check my address?

When you join Tempo we need to check your address. We do this automatically by connecting to trusted NZ databases. Your address may not have matched the info on the databases. For example if you’ve recently moved and have a new address.

We can check your address another way. Email us one of your following documents:

  • Recent bank statement
  • Utility bill like power, gas, or insurance
  • Local council letter
  • Rental agreement or tenancy letter
  • Letter from a government department like IRD or ACC

It must be no more than 12 months old, and match the address and full name you signed up to Tempo with. We can also accept an electronic copy of these documents. For example, an internet bill you received via email.

If this has happened we’ll let you know by email from Tempo Customer Support, please respond to that and we’ll get you started.