What are my returns?

At Tempo we show your time-weighted return (TWR) and your total all-time return.

Time-weighted return 

Your TWR shows how the investments in your goal are doing without taking into account when you put money in or take it out. Sometimes, this means it may show a negative value even if your all-time return is positive (or the opposite). It helps you to see how well your funds, and the mix of those funds have performed. As well as understand if your gains or losses are due to movements in the market.

Your TWR is calculated after fees, but before tax, and displayed as a percentage (%).

For periods longer than one year, we look at returns over the lifetime of your goal and show what that would mean per year.

Total all-time return

This shows how well your investments are doing since you began investing. It includes past gains and losses you locked in, if you took any money out. And current gains and losses on your existing investments.

Your total all-time return is calculated after fees and tax, and displayed as a dollar ($) amount.

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