Is Tempo right for me?

Tempo gives investment advice to customers through the Tempo app. You don’t need to have any prior experience in investing to use Tempo - Tempo will give you guidance at the start and throughout your investing journey. 

Tempo offers a range of managed funds put together by the Tempo Investment Committee (the Forsyth Barr Funds). These funds provide a broad selection of investment opportunities that can be combined to suit different investor types, preferences, and goals. 

Our investment advice service will recommend a mix of these Funds to achieve your investing goal, based on the time we estimate it will take to reach that goal and your investor type. 

In giving you that advice, we don’t enquire about or take into account:

  • Age
  • Personal circumstance (such as debt)
  • Capacity to invest
  • Capacity to extend an investment timeframe

Tempo also doesn’t give advice on, or consider, other investment opportunities that might also be suitable for you and your goals. The Forysth Barr Funds and the funds they invest into are only a small subset of the potential investing universe available to New Zealanders. 

Advice isn't given about whether managed funds generally – or the Forsyth Barr Funds in particular – are the most suitable investment for you and your goals.

If you want advice on those matters, you should talk to a financial adviser.

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