What’s Akahu and why do we need to confirm your bank account?

Akahu is a New Zealand based company that makes it simple and secure to match your identity details with you and confirm your bank account. It’s important that the bank account you use belongs to you, as we want to make sure when you withdraw money it’ll only ever go to you.

Akahu works by connecting securely with your bank as a one-off. It uses data encryption to protect your data. We don’t see, or store, any of the personal information you provide when using Akahu.

Please note the supported banks are:

  • ANZ
  • ASB
  • BNZ
  • Heartland
  • Kiwibank
  • TSB
  • The Co-Operative Bank
  • Westpac

If your bank is not on this list or you want more information about Akahu, contact us.

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