What are recommended investment updates?

Because Tempo is a guided investment app we give you investment advice. This means each day throughout your investing journey, we check the actual mix of your Tempo Funds against our recommended mix. If things differ too much, we’ll recommend you rebalance back to our recommended mix.

We’ll notify you in the app and by email when there’s an update available.

You can choose to skip a recommendation if you don’t think the time is right. If you do this, we’ll “snooze” your advice and not provide you with any rebalance recommendations for a period of time. If you choose to skip a recommendation then your current investment mix may no longer be optimal. If you don’t respond to, or don’t accept, a recommendation from us, we won’t make any changes to your investment mix.

If you decide to select your own investments, you won’t get any recommendations. You can opt back in for advice in the app at any stage.